The Butterfly- Example of God is in the Details

Posted by Travis Threats on

I named my company God is in the Details Photography to express the fact that the wonders of the world are here for all, just must look close enough to see it.

One of the goals of this blog about my faith-based wall art is to show the many ways that God’s love is in the world around us.  That Christian wall art is just one window to the world of God.

As I have stated in previous blogs, I am a Christian and a scientist.  In addition, I am a visual artist.  I see God is his works.  When you look at the work of an artist, you learn about its creator.  That is, great art.  Both Johnny Cash and Aretha Franklin started off singing in someone else’s style.  Johnny Cash sang traditional country Christian songs.  Aretha Franklin was singing the standards, such as ones from the Great American Songbook.  Neither were singing what they were meant to sing, who they are.  Their greatness comes from an expression of their true selves, which is when art becomes something magical, timeless, something beyond what we can explain with words.  These artists thus learned to fully use their God given spiritual gifts, which we all have.

God is love.  In science, we find one of the ways He reveals himself.  Another way is through art.  When one combines both art and science, you find a manifestation of God.

Thus, I share with you this Christian and scientific explanation of butterflies.  God is in the butterfly because He created them.  God creates. God is everywhere.


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