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“Nature is the art of God”

- Dante Alighieri

“If you get simple beauty and naught else, you get the best thing that God invents”

- Robert Browning

These two quotes capture my view of nature. It is with that intention that I strive to show God’s love via my photography. My company seeks to show the beauty in our everyday lives, that which is available to all of us wherever we live. My wish is that if you purchase one of my photographs as wall art that it will bring this divine beauty inside your home or work, or as a gift to others.

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Medical, school, and business spaces

A waiting room . . . A business office . . . A classroom . . . A lobby . . . A hospital room . . . A restaurant . . . A hotel room. We may spend time each week in any of these places, either as a client/customer/patient or as an employee/student. These spaces are not typically considered “places of worship.” However, since God is ever present, we should think about Him in all aspects of our lives. My work represents God’s beauty in nature, His artistry. This gift surrounds us in our everyday world, and we should find joy in celebrating it in all our indoor spaces.

For your home

Home is where you spend the most time compared to any other specific setting. It should be a place to daily renew your spirit. Two ways to daily renew your spirit is through prayer and reading religious texts. I believe my wall art can serve as an additional testament to the love of God for us, that He would provide such a beautiful world for us in our everyday lives. I ask that you consider purchasing my wall art photographs to be one of your many tools to serve as a reminder of God’s presence, either for yourself or as a gift to others.

About God is in the Details Photography

My company is about showing the beauty in our everyday lives. My wish is that if you purchase one of my photographs that it will bring some of that beauty inside your home or work, or as a gift to others.   My goal is not for you just to say, “This is such a pretty picture” or “This photographer took a great picture.” 

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