Flowers, plants, and leaves

Often people think that one must go to a special cultivated garden to see beautiful and exotic flowers and plants. Yes, these are beautiful but what about the beauty that might be in your yard, your local park?

Skies and Heavens

Up above us every day is the reminder of God's presence looking down upon us. These pictures represent some of the many splendors which are available to each of us. None are taken from the top of a mountain or in some exclusive beachfront property, but the skies available to us all.

Inspired by Impressionism

I have always been drawn to the painting style developed by the great Impressionistic painters such as Monet, Degas, Renoir, Manet, Pissarro, and many others. It is the play of light, the essence of things which is often more telling than the literal interpretation of nature.

Trees, water, and landscapes

The majesty of trees, the life-giving force of water, and the vastness of natural landscapes. These are truly gifts from God.

Black and white photos

Black and white photos reveal the patterns of things, the elegance of design. Sometimes color hinders your ability to “see” these exquisite patterns. This is why black and white photography can be so revealing.