About God is in the Details Photography

 My company is about showing the beauty in our everyday lives. My wish is that if you purchase one of my photographs that it will bring some of that beauty inside your home or work, or as a gift to others. My goal is not for you just to say, “This is such a pretty picture” or “This photographer took a great picture.” Rather I would want you to think “This is something provided to me by God, let me look around my own world today, my own backyard, the space outside my workplace, on my way to the store, to see something just as beautiful as in this picture” Perhaps looking at it daily will help remind you of the good that is in this world, to appreciate what you have, what we all have, which is this wonderful planet.


About my spiritual photographic journey

In my life I have known pain and grief from loss. I have also known wonderful personal joy and great professional success. In both grief and success, we can lose sight of the world around us. In grief, there can often seem to be no beauty or purpose in life. In success, we think we have it all and do not need the “simple” things around us.

In 2017, I had one of those times of great loss and grief. A priest at the university where I work suggested that I needed to help fill that void with something that I loved to help the grieving process. I re-started my hobby of photography, something I had pursued intermittently since high school. So, I bought a new camera and a computer suitable for doing digital editing.

At first, I concentrated on the conventions of what is considered taking a great photograph. I have a few dozen books of great photography. I thought about lighting, angles, worked on using digital editing. I brought books on the technical aspects of digital photography.


Then separately, I deepened my faith, also precipitated by my loss. Going to church and becoming involved in my church became more important than ever. I also started reading the Bible more.

In 2019, I met a wonderful woman and in 2020 we married. A woman of deep faith, she has taught me even more.

In Spring semester of 2020, I took my first Bible course through a  local church and I have taken a total of 7 classes so far.

In January of 2022, I added a Christian blog to this website, doing about 2 blogs a month.  

I had always preferred taking pictures of nature. But through my deepening spiritual journey and new surroundings, I began to see my photography not in just taking “great” pictures of nature but to a realization that the picture was not the goal. The goal was revealing the beauty that God has placed around us each day. Thus, the picture, the “perfect picture” was no longer the goal. It was not the picture but what it represented, which was God’s evidence of his love for us. The world could be perfectly functional without being beautiful. We may have been kicked out of the literal Garden of Eden, but we still are given so much to be thankful for in the splendor around us every day.

One does not need to go to “exotic” places to see this wonder. It is here for us always; we just need to open our eyes to see it. We live in the majesty of trees, the delicate beauty of flowers, the intricate patterns of a simple leaf, and the elegance of water. Every day and every night we have the skies above.

The world works in perfect balance on its own, with us needing oxygen supplied by plants and they needing our carbon dioxide to live. All the animals have a place in keeping this balance. It is a mastermind of engineering, yet it is also done with such splendor, such magnificence.

It is from that figurative and literal lens that I approach my photography now. I am not looking for the perfect picture anymore in terms of pure form and composition but allowing my soul to be guided to the everyday beauty around us. In my morning walks as well as when on an official photo shoot, I look around to see what calls me. With this view, often potential pictures leap out at me “calling” to be celebrated. I sometimes take a picture of something promising that seems pedestrian.